We always aim to serve you fast and good. Still sometimes our service might be not 100% satisfactory. If so, please let us know. Together we can find the solution to the problem at hand.

What will Axuda Insurance do with your complaint
First ofcourse we want you to be satisfied and happy about the level of service you receive at Axuda Insurance. We will do everything within our possibilities to solve your complaint to your satisfaction. Second your complaint will be used to check if we can improve our level of service to our clients.

Where do you go with your complaint?
  1. Your own contact
    You can always get in contact with your own contacts within our organization.
    In a person to person conversation most problems can be solved quick and adequately.
  1. In writing
    You can send your letter to:
    Axuda Insurance BV, Att Director, Rijksweg 10, 6095 NB Baexem, Netherlands
  1. Internet
    Also our website offers you the opportunity to send in your complaint using the online complaint form.
Are you still not satisfied?
It is our experience that most complaints can be solved to the full satisfaction of our client. If we should fail to reach a mutual acceptable solution you can go to the Complaint Institute of Financial Services,
PO box 93257, 2509 AG The Hague, +31-900-3552248 or visit their website

Ofcourse you can always take it to the Dutch civil court.